Aqa A2 French Essay Titles About Myself

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Here is something I posted a little while ago about writing essays on La Haine - hopefully this will help.

Firstly, make sure you know La Haine really, really well. Re-watch the film as part of your revision.

Then re-read all your notes and all your essays on La Haine as part of your revision.

Most essay titles for La Haine will come under one of three categories, so you could organise your ideas along these lines:

- Characterisation and relationships, including how people/relationships develop through the film
- Racism, social exclusion and other social issues (eg. family, la banlieue...)
- Film techniques

An important thing to remember is to make sure you respect the required essay length. If you write too little, your essay will not be detailed enough; if you write too much, the examiners will "lose" the last part of your essay. So practise writing essays that are of the correct length!

Make sure that you address the question and don't just tell the story. The examiners are after a) analysis and b) your personal response. They know the film, you don't need to tell them what happens.

Remember that planning your essay is vital preparation, and that your essay needs to have a concise introduction, then have a clear progression of ideas that culminate in your conclusion. One way of revising this is to do lots of essay plans for La Haine

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