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Essay about Regional Integration Ireland and the European Union

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David Gregory Buetow

Regional Integration Ireland and the European Union First let us look at (regional economic integration). The (REI) “Agreements among countries in a geographic region are to reduce and ultimately remove tariff and nontariff barriers to the free flow of goods, services, and factors of production between each other”(allvoslog 2009) Pro Integration for Ireland Irelands experience with regional integration is the history of the involvement between Ireland and the E.U. In January of 1973 Ireland joined the EEC and participated in all the economic, monetary, and social programs. Many of the programs that came about by the integration are; common agricultural policies break with estg 1979, European social…show more content…

These agreements have allowed these Micro states to use the currency within their own boarders, and the European Central Bank has little complaint with the spread of the currency outside of the E.U specifically due to the increase in power the currency creates as it is adopted worldwide. Ireland at the current moment is struggling with the employment rates hitting an all time low, as of September of 2010 the rates listed at 14.1% and rising, (euro stat Google). These rates of unemployment have hit a 16 year high (USA TODAY), however a recent dip in the recession has given a slight light of hope for a more productive country, all the while Integration has had a major impact on this by assisting countries reactively sending manufacturing over to Ireland with the promise and removal of all tariffs. (Hill 2007)

Anti Integration for Ireland The growing amount of citizens collecting state benefits for unemployment has increased 1.2% up to a new all-time high of 437,922. The number that includes residents in part-time work who continue to be eligible for unemployment has gone down from Ireland's prior record high of 437,000. When Ireland had suffered double-digit unemployment in the 1990s, the country labor force was a third smaller than its current level of 2 million. “Ireland's work force

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