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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT NAME: STUDENTIDNO.: D D D D D D D D D AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY BRISBANE SCHOOL OF NURSING MIDWIFERY and PARAMEDICINE I MAIN EXAMINATION - SEMESTER 2, 2012 I UNIT CODE HLSC120 UNIT TITLE Society, Culture and Health LECTURER Monica Nebauer DURATION I 2 h 00 m READING TIME I to minutes WEIGHTING I 45% NO. OF PAGES IN EXAM PAPER (including cover sheet) 19 I_OPEN BOOK or“ RESTRICTED or CLOSED BOOK EXAM? CLOSED BOOK A * If a RESTRICTED exam, the name ofthe text book allowed Is: by . Allowable materials include: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: Please write your student number at the top of this page, using a blue or black ink pen. Your name is optional. You are required to answer all multiple choice questions in SEC'I'I ON A and all three questions in SECTION B. SECTION A comprises 70 multiple choice items = 70 marks. These items are NOT to be answered in the examination paper - they are to be recorded on the Answer Sheet provided. Use a 2B pencil ONLY so that you may Change your selection if you wish. Erase mistakes fully using your eraser. Do not fold or bend the Answer Sheet. Do not doodle or make ANY marks on the Answer Sheet other than your answers, your name and your Student Identity Number in the section provided On the Answer Sheet. On the Answer Sheet, record your Student Identity Number with NO "8" before it - e.g., if your ID number is 800123456, you would fill in 00123456. Fill in your last name in full and then as much of your first name as will fit in the remaining spaces. SECTION B has Questions 1, 2 and 3 which are short answer items = 20 marks. SECTION A and SECTION B have a total Of 90 marks, which is equivalent to 45% weighting. _——_____—_—-—-—— EXAMINATION RULES :'.Food and drink may not be brought into the examination room (Special consideration may be granted upon application). I'rNo bags or other cases of any kind are permitted at your desk. I"Wallets and purses must be placed on the floor under your desk. [Mobile phones and watch alarms must be tumed off. EXAMINATION ROOM PROCEDURES (Poiicy & Procedures for Central Examinations) z.- Candidates who arrive within the first 30 minutes after examination start time will be permitted to undertake the examination but will not be alIDWed additional time. 'l ACU cards must be brought into every examination and displayed prominently on the desks 37 Candidates will complete an attendance form at every examination and will adhere to the instructions for collection of the form as provided by the Supervisor. :2 Candidates must not commence writing until the Supervisor has given permission. Writing is not permitted during reading time. If a candidate becomes ill during an examination, no extra time will be allowed for the student to complete the examination. if the candidate cannot continue with the examination, the Supervisor will note this and report the matter to Student Administration. I'lThere must be no communication of any kind between candidates in the examination room. I iAII textbooks. dictionaries, calculators. notes. manuscripts, bags. other materials or devices, or special assistance, except those specifically authorised for the examination must be left outside the examination area. i ‘YOU will not be permitted to leave until WWW last 10 mingjes of writing time. ilf you wish to leave the examination early, you should raise your hand and remain seated until your papers are coilected. ’5 At the conclusion of the examination all candidates must remain seated until their papers are collected by a Supervisor or until given permission to leave the examination room. i‘A candidate who commits an infringement of Examination Room Procedures is guilty of misconduct. A Supervisor may immediately expel from the examination room any candidate who commits an infringement of this Policy and Procedures. l ! A candidate must comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the Academic Regulations, the Academic Honesty Policy and Statute 10 Student Conduct and Discipline. i..; Misconduct involving Cheating or collusion between students is considered a serious offence and may result in the candidate being expelled from the examination room. The Discipline Committee will be informed and penalties applied. .1 Supervisors will report any breach of this Policy and Procedures to Student Administration, who will refer it to the Head of School responsible for the unit. All allegations will be investigated and resolved in accordance with the Academic Honesty Policy or Statute 10 Student Conduct and Discipline. EXAMINATION PAPERS MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE EXAMINATION ROOM KI ALL UNUSED MATERIALS AND SCRAP PAPERS MUST BE LEFT ON THE CANDIDATE'S DESK Last Reviw Date April 20I2 A component of this examination has been excluded from publication SECTION B: SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS Please answer the short answers questions on the examination paper below. Question 1 In relation to Taloott Parsons’ Sick Role Theory, explain the two (2) rights and two (2) responsibilities that a sick person has. Two (2) Rights of Sick Person Two ('2) Responsibilities of Sick Person —— [ (2 marks each = 8 marks) (Please turn the page) I7||’:igc Question 2 For each feature of the biomedical model listed in the table, provide the related feature of the holisticfsocial model of health care. Biomedical model HoiisticlSocial model Ignores complexity of health and illness ”mess “use: gene efiBCts & _ micro-organisms (1 mark each = 6 marks) Individual focus Health & illness are objective biological states Benefits address disease 8. disability of individuals Cure: surgery, medications, behaviour modification; health education and immunisation (Please turn the page) 18||’zlgc Question 3 Sociological analysis involves applying four aspectsffactors from the sociological imagination template to the social issue under investigation (Germov, 201 0). Use two (2) of these aspects/factors to provide a brief sociological analysis of the following issue — Why do women play a major role in the caregiving of illfdisabled/aged family members in the home? FactorIAspect 1: Application to Sociological Issue Provided: FactorfAspect 2: Application to Sociological Issue Provided: 1 mark — FactorlAspect 2 marks — Application to Issue (Total = 6 marks) SECTION B = 20 MARKS SECTION A = 70 MARKS SECTION B = 20 MARKS GRAND TOTAL = 90 MARKS END OF EXAMINATION 19||’:I go ...
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10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

In this inter-professional unit students will be introduced to changes in contemporary Australian society, culture and health that have been influenced by globalisation. The consequential increasing cultural diversity in society challenges the organisation and provision of health care in Australia. Students will explore how understandings of health and illness are constructed within diverse cultures in contrast with bio-medical constructions of health and illness. Factors that shape distribution and ownership of resources and how they influence the maintenance of health by individuals and groups within society will also be explored. The social-historical-political context and related health issues of vulnerable people in marginalised social groups are a special focus of this unit, with particular attention to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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