Hofstra Speech Pathology Personal Statement

Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology Admission Requirements and Curriculum

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Admission to the program occurs only in the Fall semester. Applications must be submitted by January 15th for the following Fall semester.

Upon acceptance a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 is required. When registering for the semester for which the student has been admitted, the deposit will be credited toward tuition for that semester.

Accepted students have until April 15th to accept or reject the offer of admission from Hofstra University.

Speech-Language Pathology Prerequisite Courses

  • SPCH 005A: Phonetics
  • SPCH 006: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
  • SPCH 102A: Normal Language Development
  • SPCH 103: Introduction to Speech Science
  • SPCH 131: Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • SPCH 133: Clinical Methods in Speech and Language Disorders
  • SPCH 137: Introduction to Audiology
Fall Year 1JanuarySpring Year 1Summer Year 1
SPCH 207-Research3SPCH 270 or 271 or 272 (depending on availability)1SPCH 226-Audiology Practicum1SPCH 212-Healthy aging3
SPCH 209-Dev. Psycholinguistics3  SPCH 228-Intro to SPCH-LANG Practicum1SPCH 253 Swallowing3
SPCH 225-Intro SPCH Practicum1SPCH 232-Dis. of Phonology3SPCH 264-SLP in Schools2
SPCH 229-Eval. and Interp. of Comm Dis.3

SPCH 241-Pediatric Comm.

3SPCH 270 or 274 or 2751

SPCH 242-Aphasia

Total Credits1041112
Fall Year 2JanuarySpring Year 2Summer Year 2
SPCH 230-Fluency Disorders3

SPCH 270 or 271 or 272  (if not taken previously)

1SPCH 206-Speech Science3
SPCH 248-Motor Speech Disorders3  SPCH 243-Literacy3
SPCH 249-Voice Disorders3SPCH 254-Audiology for the SLP3
SPCH 261S-Adult Placement OR SPCH 262S-Educational placement2SPCH 260S-Child Placement OR SPCH 262S-Educational Placement2
Total Credits11111

Speech-Language Pathology, MA


All of CSDCAS’ Participating Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Programs are accredited by CAA. Below is an alphabetical list of 2017-2108′s Participating Programs and their deadlines.


CSDCAS allows applicants to apply to “developing” CSD programs, which means that the CSD program has applied for accreditation but has not yet received it or it remains in “Candidacy” status. If you choose to apply to a developing program, you understand the program may be denied accreditation after the review process is completed and that there are no refunds should the program fail to gain accreditation. These programs will be upgraded to regular programs should they gain accreditation during the application cycle.




CSDCAS Participating Programs List for the 2017-2018 Application Cycle

StateSchool NameAudiology or Speech Pathology Program Deadline
TXAbilene Christian UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NYAdelphi UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
GAArmstrong State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ALAuburn UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
ALAuburn University (MCD Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ALAuburn University (MS Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MABoston UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
OHBowling Green State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
CACalifornia State University – ChicoSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
CACalifornia State University – FullertonSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
CACalifornia State University – SacramentoSpeech-Language Pathology2/15/2018
CACalifornia State University – Los AngelesSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MICalvin CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
OHCase Western Reserve UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MICentral Michigan UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
MICentral Michigan UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
CAChapman UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
OHCleveland State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
PADuquesne UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ILEastern Illinois UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology12/1/2017
WAEastern Washington UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
PAEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ILElmhurst CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology1//15/2018
MAEmerson CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
FLFlorida Atlantic UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
FLFlorida State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
FLFlorida State University (Distance Program)Speech-Language Pathology11/15/2017
MOFontbonne UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
KSFort Hays State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
GAGeorgia State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology12/1/2017
ILGovernors State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MIGrand Valley State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MIGrand Valley State University (Conditional Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ARHarding UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
NYHofstra UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
DCHoward University (Two Year Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
DCHoward University (Three Year Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
IDIdaho State UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
IDIdaho State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ILIllinois State UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
ILIllinois State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
INIndiana State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MSJackson State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology3/1/2018
VAJames Madison University
VAJames Madison University
Speech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
NJKean University (Fall Start)Speech-Language Pathology2/15/2018
NJKean University (Summer Start)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
TXLamar UniversityAudiology2/1/2018
TXLamar UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
PALaSalle UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
NYLong Island University – Brooklyn (Fall Start)Speech-Language Pathology2/15/2018
NYLong Island University – Brooklyn (Spring Start)Speech-Language Pathology11/1/2017
NYLong Island University – PostSpeech-Language Pathology2/23/2018
VALongwood UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
LALouisiana State University Health Science Center – New OrleansAudiology2/15/2018
LALouisiana State University Health Science Center – New OrleansSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
LALouisiana State University Health Science Center – ShreveportSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MDLoyola University MarylandSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
WIMarquette UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
WVMarshall UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NYMercy CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MAMGH Institute of Health ProfessionsSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
OHMiami University of OhioSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
MNMinnesota State University, MankatoSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MOMissouri State University Audiology1/15/2018
MOMissouri State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NJMonmouth UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
KYMurray State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/19/2018
NYNew York Medical CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NYNew York UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
NYNew York University (Early Action Option)Speech-Language Pathology11/15/2017
MANortheastern UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
AZNorthern Arizona UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ILNorthwestern UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
ILNorthwestern UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
FLNova Southeastern University (Fall Start)Speech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
FLNova Southeastern University (Summer Start)Speech-Language Pathology11/1/2017
FLNova Southeastern University (Winter 2019)Speech-Language Pathology4/1/2018
OHOhio UniversityAudiology1/1/2018
OHOhio UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
VAOld Dominion UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
TXOur Lady of the Lake UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ORPacific UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
ORPacific UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
PAPennsylvania State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ORPortland State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
INPurdue UniversityAudiology1/1/2018
INPurdue UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
VARadford UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MORockhurst UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/15/2018
ILRush University Audiology1/1/2018
ILRush UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
ILSaint Xavier UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
PASalus UniversityAudiology4/1/2018
CASan Diego State UniversityAudiology1/12/2018
CASan Diego State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/12/2018
CASan Jose State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MOSoutheast Missouri State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ILSouthern Illinois University – CarbondaleSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ILSouthern Illinois University – EdwardsvilleSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
IASt. Ambrose UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
TXStephen F. Austin University
Speech-Language Pathology2/15/2018
NJStockton UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
NYSUNY Buffalo State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NYSUNY University at BuffaloAudiology1/1/2018
NYSUNY University at BuffaloSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
NYSyracuse UniversityAudiology1/1/2018
NYSyracuse UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
PATemple UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
TNTennessee State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
TXTexas Woman’s UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NYThe College of Saint Rose (Fall Start)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NYThe College of Saint Rose (Spring Start)Speech-Language Pathology9/15/2017
OHThe Ohio State UniversityAudiology12/15/2017
OHThe Ohio State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
OHUniversity of AkronAudiology1/15/2018
OHUniversity of AkronSpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
ARUniversity of Arkansas – FayettevilleSpeech-Language Pathology3/1/2018
ARUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesAudiology1/15/2017
ARUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesSpeech-Language Pathology2/15/2018
ARUniversity of Central ArkansasSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
FLUniversity of Central Florida (Fall Start)Speech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
FLUniversity of Central Florida (Spring Start)Speech-Language Pathology10/1/2017
FLUniversity of Central Florida (Summer Start)Speech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
OHUniversity of CincinnatiAudiology12/15/2017
OHUniversity of CincinnatiSpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
CTUniversity of ConnecticutSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
FLUniversity of FloridaAudiology1/15/2018
FLUniversity of FloridaSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
GAUniversity of Georgia (Thesis Track)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
GAUniversity of Georgia (Non-Thesis Track)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
HIUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
IAUniversity of IowaAudiology1/1/2018
IAUniversity of IowaSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
TNUniversity of MemphisAudiology2/1/2018
TNUniversity of MemphisSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MOUniversity of MissouriSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
MTUniversity of MontanaSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ALUniversity of Montevallo (Traditional Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
ALUniversity of Montevallo (Non-Background Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NCUniversity of North Carolina – Chapel HillAudiology12/15/2017
NCUniversity of North Carolina – Chapel HillSpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
COUniversity of Northern ColoradoAudiology2/1/2018
COUniversity of Northern ColoradoSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
COUniversity of Northern Colorado (Distance Learning Program)Speech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
IAUniversity of Northern IowaSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
ORUniversity of OregonSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
PAUniversity of PittsburghAudiology1/15/2018
PAUniversity of PittsburghSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
CAUniversity of RedlandsSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ALUniversity of South AlabamaAudiology1/15/2018
ALUniversity of South AlabamaSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
SCUniversity of South Carolina (MSP Full Time Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
SCUniversity of South Carolina (MCD Part Time Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
FLUniversity of South FloridaAudiology1/15/2018
FLUniversity of South FloridaSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
TXUniversity of St. Augustine for Health SciencesSpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
TNUniversity of Tennessee Health Science CenterAudiology1/1/2018
TNUniversity of Tennessee Health Science CenterSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
TXUniversity of Texas at El PasoSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
OHUniversity of ToledoSpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
CAUniversity of the PacificSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
VTUniversity of VermontSpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
WIUniversity of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Online ProgramSpeech-Language Pathology11/1/2017
WIUniversity of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Residential ProgramSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
WIUniversity of Wisconsin – MilwaukeeSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
WIUniversity of Wisconsin – River FallsSpeech-Language Pathology1/1/2018
WIUniversity of Wisconsin – Steven’s PointSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
WIUniversity of Wisconsin – WhitewaterSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
WYUniversity of WyomingSpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MIWayne State UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
MIWayne State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
PAWest Chester UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
WVWest Virginia UniversityAudiology2/1/2018
WVWest Virginia UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ILWestern Illinois UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MIWestern Michigan UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
MIWestern Michigan UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
MIWestern Michigan University (Post-Bacc Program)Speech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
KSWichita State UniversityAudiology1/15/2018
KSWichita State UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
NJWilliam Paterson UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018



CSDCAS Developing  Programs List for the 2017-2018 Application Cycle

StateProgram Name
Audiology or Speech PathologyProgram Deadline
MIAndrews UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
OHBaldwin Wallace UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology12/15/2017
NYIona CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
ILMidwestern University – Downer’s GroveSpeech-Language Pathology3/1/2018
AZMidwestern University – GlendaleSpeech-Language Pathology3/1/2018
NYPace UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology4/1/2018
UTRocky Mountain University of Health ProfessionsSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
CTSacred Heart UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology1/15/2018
INSaint Mary’s CollegeSpeech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
PASalus UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology4/1/2018
ALSamford UniversityAudiology4/1/2018
ALSamford UniversitySpeech-Language Pathology12/1/2017
DEUniversity of Delaware (opening 10/1/17)Speech-Language Pathology2/1/2018
TXUniversity of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio (Fall Start)Speech-Language Pathology3/1/2018
TXUniversity of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio (Spring Start)Speech-Language Pathology11/1/2017
CAUniversity of the PacificAudiology2/1/2018


Individual deadlines are determined by the CSD programs, NOT by CSDCAS. What each program requires by its posted deadline date varies widely and what is acceptable for one program may not be acceptable for another. Each CSD program categorizes its deadline into one of the color categories below and reports their selection to CSDCAS. These colors are then displayed on the charts above. If you have any questions regarding what a school is looking for by its deadline, please contact the CSD program directly.

Applicants must e-submit their CSDCAS application by 11:59pm EST on the deadline date. Documents are not required to be received by the deadline date.Applicants must have a complete date on or before the deadline date. A complete date is given when an application is e-submitted and all transcripts and payments have been received by CSDCAS and attached to the application. Documents should be sent several weeks prior to this date to ensure items arrive on time.Applicants must have their application verified (GPA calculated) by the deadline date. Applications must be completed (e-submitted, payment received, and transcripts received) at least four weeks in advance of the deadline to ensure the application is verified on time.This CSD program has not reported its deadline date color code to CSDCAS at this time.
CSD programs may have additional requirements, including receipt of letters of reference, test scores, supplemental applications, etc. It is the applicant’s responsibility to research the requirements of each program they wish to apply to.


Q: Are applications processed with deadlines in mind? Can CSDCAS expedite my application to meet a deadline?

A: NO. CSDCAS applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis by completion date. CSDCAS cannot expedite individual applications.

Q: Am I able to request a deadline extension if I did not e-submit in time?

A: The CSDCAS web application will not allow you to apply to a program once its application deadline has passed. CSDCAS does not offer deadline extensions to applicants. Only the CSD programs can grant a deadline extension, regardless as to the circumstances which prevented your e-submission. Contact the individual CSD program directly to request a deadline extension. If your request is approved, the program will notify CSDCAS directly. CSDCAS will NOT contact programs to inquire about deadline extensions. The program must initiate contact with CSDCAS.

Q: What will happen if my transcripts, payments, or letters of recommendation arrive after the program deadline date? Will CSDCAS process my application?

A: As long as you have e-submitted your online application prior to the posted deadline, CSDCAS will continue to process and mail your application even if the transcripts, payment, or letters of recommendation are received after the deadline. However, it is up to the programs to which you are applying to determine whether or not they still consider your application valid upon its receipt.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if I miss a deadline?

A: No. CSDCAS does not provide refunds for missed deadlines or failure of the applicant to correctly complete the application. As stated in CSDCAS’ policies, which all applicants must agree to upon submitting their application, it is up to the applicant to monitor their application’s status and ensure that it is completed correctly and that all materials arrive at CSDCAS on time.

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