Wt Woodson High School Summer Assignments For Third

We will meet in the band room prior to departure.
5:30 Uniform closet opens
6:00 Meet at WTW, Dressed
6:30 Depart WTW
7:15 Arrive at Centreville HS
7:45 Warm Up Begins
8:30 Performance Time
9:00 Sight-Reading Time
9:30 Pack Up, Load Buses
10:00 Arrive at WTW, Dismiss

Students should eat before they arrive. The Band Room will stay open after school for students unable to go home. The Uniform racks will be available that morning for uniform drop-off for those that would like to change at Woodson.

Please make sure you have your entire uniform accounted for before the day of the event. This includes footwear, bowties, and pearls. Every student was issued these items last semester. Please notify Mr. Morgan is you are missing uniform parts so we can get those parts out to students before the event. Review previous uniform procedures. If you have any uniform related issues, resolve them before your report time.

***It is strongly encouraged that parents attend the performance and take their student home directly from Centreville HS. Bus transport is available back to Woodson if needed. Students should bring all of their belongings to Centreville if they are riding home with a parent. Parents should check with a chaperone before taking their student home for attendance purposes. Students may only leave with a parent if a note has been provided ahead of time. **

Hello Everyone,


Important announcement - Please let Coach Susie know if your swimmer would be taking the bus to practice on Wed.s We only had one swimmer take the bus to Oak Marr this past Wed. and I would like to cancel the Wed. bus to practice from now on. I have a van that seats 7 people in addition to myself and I would be able to give swimmers a ride if needed. 


What a great way to kick off the season with a win for both boys & girls against Fairfax High School this past Friday! 


The first pasta dinner was a huge success. Thank you to those who brought their food/drink contribution and to those that had food delivered. The after meet dinner at Mamma Lucia's was also fun with so many athletes & parents attending. Thanks Meri Farling for getting us such a great deal!


A big THANK YOU to Julie Phillips for taking on the huge task of ordering and distributing the spirit wear. The items on back order will be given to the swimmers/divers as soon as they arrive. 


We have a busy week ahead with TWO MEETS, here are the details:


Regular practice Monday-Thursday; swimmers and divers need to attend at least one team practice /week to be eligible to compete in the meets.


Our Second Pre-Meet Team Dinner will be held after practice this Thursday, December 7th at 6pm at Captain Conor Casey's home, 3814 Whitman Rd., Annandale, VA 22003 If your swimmer is not coming from practice, he or she should plan to arrive or be dropped off between 5:45-6pm, pick-up is between 7-7:15pm.  




FRESHMEN - Pasta Dish (enough to feed 8-10 people)--can be with red or white sauce, butter, cheese, etc. or some sort of PROTEIN (meatballs, grilled chicken, etc.) Ravioli & tortellini are always a hit!

***If you are unable to contribute the main dish, please have one or two pizzas delivered to the host's home by 5:30pm.***


SOPHOMORES - Desserts--fingers foods please, nothing that needs to be cut up & served.  



JUNIORS & MANAGERS - Rolls or one loaf of bread (garlic bread is a favorite) or Salad (fruit & Caesar are the favorite).

SENIORS - Drinks...minimum of 12 per senior - water, Gatorade and chocolate milk are preferable, no soda or anything that requires a cup.

 ***If you know your swimmer/diver will not be attending the pre-meet pasta dinner, sending your food contribution with another student would be appreciated.***


PLEASE LABEL YOUR DISHES AND UTENSILS!  Often the kids forget to take home their belongings and we want to make sure everything gets returned. Even easier is sending your food contribution in a disposable aluminum tray with an inexpensive serving utensil that don't have to be returned!  (Both can be found at the Dollar Store across from WTW.)


Buddy Bags:

Athletes are not required to make a Buddy Bag for each meet this week. Instead, they can (but do not have to) make a bigger Buddy Bag to exchange on Friday when we meet for the bus. 


Dress Out Plan for Friday, December 8th is Black Out.




Friday, December 8th we swim and dive our second away meet of the season against Hayfield High School at Lee District Rec Center, 6601 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310, 703/922-9841. This meet begins at 8:30pm with swim and dive taking place simultaneously.  The bus will leave Woodson at 7pm, please have your swimmer/diver at door 5 by 6:55pm. 


Saturday, December 9th, we will compete in the Patriot Invitational Meet at Audrey Moore Rec Center, 8100 Telegraph Rd., Annandale, VA 22003, 703/321-7081. The meet will begin at 6pm with swim and dive taking place simultaneously. The bus will leave Woodson at 4:30pm, please have your swimmer/diver at door 5 by 4:25pm. 





After the meet on Friday, our hungry swimmers will be going to IHOP Restaurant, 9490 Blake Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031, 703/277-1022. Parents are always welcome!


Please take pictures throughout the season, save on a flash drive and give to Coach Stephanie towards the end of the season. She puts together an amazing slideshow that we get to enjoy at the banquet.


Thank you all for your help!!


Please let me know if you have any questions,

Coach Susie and all the coaches

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