7th Grade English Assignments

Seventh Grade (Grade 7) English Language Arts Worksheets, Tests, and Activities

Print our Seventh Grade (Grade 7) English Language Arts worksheets and activities, or administer them as online tests. Our worksheets use a variety of high-quality images and some are aligned to Common Core Standards.

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Informational Stories and Texts

Literature - Books, Stories

Main Idea

Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

Reading Strategies

Text Analysis



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  • Language: Usage, mechanics, spelling, definition, punctuation, sentence structure

  • Communication: Listening skills, basic speaking skills

  • Writing: Write for a variety of purposes to different audiences, write in various modes and genres, resources for the six steps of the writing process

  • Research: Identify and narrow a topic, gather information from a variety of sources, present research results in a written report

  • Logic: Enhance thoughtful reasoning and facilitate learning, make inferences and draw conclusions, apply logic skills

  • Informational Text: Comprehend informational text, recognize the different features of informational texts (e.g., separate text boxes, diagrams, captions, charts, graphs)

  • Media: Recognize that media can be a source of information and/or entertainment, use media to publish and present information

  • Literature: Comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading, various literary genres and their characteristics, basic literary terms (e.g., setting, point of view, simile, metaphor, rhythm)

  • Review Help: Grade level resources for practice tests, interactive activities

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