Lesson 2 Homework Practice Percents And Fractions Song

      Mrs. Briggs' 7th Grade  Course 2     Information and CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK

Math Classwork & Homework
http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do  This is the link to our textbook.  Here they can access the book, worksheets, quizzes, tutor example explanations, and many more tools!   Every student has a login and password.  If they've have lost or forgotten it, please email me and I will send it to you. I will do my best to update this page every day.  I don't like to give all of the classwork assignments for the week at once because I may change the day's homework depending on if we are behind or, if I feel we are really understanding the concept, I may just give the more rigorous word problems.  


GRADING POLICY:Students are graded in four categories in my class:Classwork- 5% 9-Grid Homework/Chapter Rubrics-15%, Quizzes-30%, and Tests-50%.


CLASSWORK:10% of the class grade:Monday-Thursday are the days we will learn and practice new math concepts. Every minute of class time is used as the students learn through direct teaching, modeling strategies, taking notes, summarizing-written and verbal, movement activities,working with partners and small groups, large group activities, number talk activities, singing math vocabulary and strategy songs, watching video tutorials, using technology in the computer lab, white boards, cards, algebra tiles,watching peers model and explain their thinking process, manipulative activities, entry tasks, independent work, games, timed challenges, reflecting on what they know and don’t yet understand,accessing and celebrating their progress and successes….. and much more, so………GOOD ATTENDANCE IS REALLY IMPORTANT!


As you can see, my classroom is fast-paced and active. I require that every student be an active, positive, open-minded participant, work hard and give their best effort every day.Their daily participation grade will be 10 points. I’m not planning on assigning typical daily homework this year from the text. HOWEVER, if a student refuses to participate or can’t seem to get the classwork completed, I will contact parents and assign the work that the student isn’t getting done in class. If a student is absent, they should look on my webpage so they can see the lesson and the problems that we did together in class the day they were gone. Usually we will complete problems from our textbook, but if I chose to give problems outside our text, I will have a worksheet of the activity that we did.It is a good idea to check my webpage after school on the day of the absence because I try very hard to update this page daily.When the absent student corrects and turns in the classwork that was missed, they will receive the 10 points for the day(s) they were absent.


9 Grid HOMEWORK  Packet: 15% of class grade- Every Monday, students will receive a 9-Grid Homework Packet. The 9-Grid is a concept review worksheet that will include one problem from NINE areas of mathematics. The first part of the year, we will review concepts from their 6th grade curriculum, and as the year moves on, we will gradually shift to reviewing concepts from the beginning of the current school year. This worksheet will also include one good thinking multi-step “Problem of the Week” from the mathematics unit we are currently studying. Some weeks there will be an additional worksheet attached to the 9-Grid.  This WS will encompass concept(s) that are being taught for the current week. Every Friday, we will correct.  If they come to class on Friday with it unfinished or not even started, they will follow along while we correct and write down what I'm writing down (showing the work) along with the answer.  If they do this, I will give them 25% of what the 9-Grid was worth, or they can finish it over the weekend with a small amount taken off their score.


PENCIL is required for all math work in my class to receive full credit.  Students must also put their name on their paper and their score for full credit.


We do a lot of work in class (CLASSWORK), so I will give you an idea of what we've done in class together. Each day is worth 2pts. for good participation, attitude and effort.    I will give you page numbers and problems we completed from the book as well as inform you of any major activity we did together---small or large group.  If any worksheets were handed out and completed in class, you can get them from me when you return if you were absent.  You are expected to complete all work we did in class when you were gone to receive the 2 points . 

Here we go.....


Tuesday, February 20:  First we moved seats and then students got their new Week 19 9 Grid homework packet.  It is due on Friday.  Since it is a short week, they should probably get started on it.  Right when they came in, we started with an Entry Task:  p. 463 # 16,17,19,20.  We will have a quiz on lesson 3 tomorrow (much like these problems).   Next, we completed the example # 5 from lesson 3 on p. 460 and talked about writing equations using fractions and decimals.  Finally, we started lesson 4  by writing down examples into our Chapter 6 rubric.  Frist we did the example on p. 465 to learn about 2-step equations; then we did the p. 470-471 examples and then the got its d-f on p. 471.  I assigned P. 472 1-3 and p. 473 1-6.   I really want kids to used their rubric at home if they forget how to work problems.  The rubric is a fantastic guide for homework and study guide to use before a quiz or test. 


Wednesday, February 21:   Class periods were shorter because of the late start.  Kids took a Lesson 3 Chapter 6 10pt. quiz, and when they were done they started the 6-4 Skills Worksheet 1-10.  Many of them finished this assignment, but if they didn't, it is homework.



Thursday, February 22:  Today I taught the kids how to fill out the reflection section of their rubric after taking a quiz.  They must reflect on what they understand, what they don't understand, silly mistakes and what they know they still need to practice for each lesson.  They need to fill out this section in their chapter rubric after every quiz.  This rubric is a great study guide for the chapter tests.  Then they took a 90 subtraction of integers 90 second timing and filled out their improvement data sheets.  Then they learned to figure out their percent of increase to see how much they have improved by. If they are not improving, they must practice their subtraction at home.  They all have a practice packet.  Finally,  we did P. 472 example 5 from lesson 4 in the rubric.  Remember 9 grids are due tomorrow.   


Friday, February 23:  We corrected Week #19 9 Grid homework packet.  Then we continued to work on writing and solving 2 step word problems from lesson 4. We worked on the 6-4 Problem Solving WS 1-6, p. 474 #4, p. 473 # 7, p. 475 #22.  If they didn't get these finished it is homework for Monday. 


Monday, February 26: Today we looked at the word problems for Friday's homework from lesson 4 and then took a table quiz on Lesson 4.  Next we moved to Lesson 5 and did example problems 1-4 and got it c from pages 482-483.  Then they had a few minutes to start the 6-5 Skills WS problems 1-6.  I also handed out the new Week 20 9 grid which is due on Thursday this week since we are off on Friday.  Remember:  The kids have a ch. 6 lessons 1-5 test on WEDNESDAY!


Tuesday, February 27: Today we practiced Lesson 5 word problems:  p. 486 #11 and 13, p. 484 # 5, p. 485 # 8, Problem of the week from this week's 9 grid #1, and # 8, and finally the 6-5 Problem Solving WS # 1-2.  Finally, I showed the kids what tomorrow's test looks like.  I hope this motivateds them to looks at lessons 1-5 from our ch. 6 rubric.  Reviewing will the rubric and old lesson quizzes and assignments will help them prepare for the test.  


Wednesday, February 28: My plan is to have a Chapter 6 Test on Lessons 1-5 on this day.  Make sure your kids are studying their rubric for the chapter and their old quizzes from each lesson 5-10 min. each night.


Thursday, March 1:    


Friday, March 2:  No School-  Snow make-up day  


Monday, March 5:  Today we did a special lesson not from our text.  Kids worked in groups to learn and solve 1 and 2-step word problems using tape diagrams.   I did pass out the new Week 21 9 grid that is due on Friday.   


Tuesday, March 6:  We continued on with yesterday's lesson. 


Wednesday, March 7:  Late start, so shorter periods today.  We continued with tape diagrams a bit longer today and then did 1 more problem independently.  If they got all three parts to the problem correct, they will get 3, 2, or 1 point EC added to last week's test for chapter 6.   Finally, we started lesson 6 from chapter 6 and 1 one example down in the rubric.


Thursday, March 8:  Today we continued with lesson 6 and finished writing example problems down into the rubric.  The kids practiced P. 500 1-3 and then had time to complete P. 5011-4, 7-8 and 11-12.  If they didn't finish, they should take it home and complete it.  


Friday, March 9:  We corrected the Week 21 9 grid homework packet.  Then we review a few of yesterday's problems from page 501 and then took a quiz on lesson 6, and I assigned the 6-6 Problem Solving WS 1-8 for Monday.  


Monday, March 12:  Today we started with a 90 second subtraction of negative integers timing.  Next we updated the lesson 6 section of the rubric with the lesson 6 quiz, and then we moved to writing down examples from lesson 7 in the rubric.  The kids then had about 10 minutes to start the 6-7 Skills WS 1-8.  It should be done for tomorrow.  They also got the new Week 22 9 Grid that is due on Friday.   ****Also note that there will be a short 10 point test on Lessons 6-8 on Friday before we correct the 9 grid.


Tuesday, March 13


Wednesday, March 14: 


Thursday, March 15 


Friday, March 16: Short 10 point TEST on Lessons 6-8 for chapter 6.  Afterwards we corrected the Week 22 9 grid homework packet.  





Monday, March 19:

Tuesday, March 20:

Wednesday, March 21:  

Thursday, March 22:  

Friday, March 23:   



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