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Throughout history, most young girls have a Quinceanera which is a special occasion and traditional celebration of a young girl turning fifteen on her birthday and making a transition from child to adult. Reached maturity and eligibility for marriage, which has been custom in most countries. A Quinceanera is something that started many years ago when a Spanish conqueror brought the tradition to Mexico and other countries. Throughout most countries, parents don’t celebrate their daughter’s fifteenth birthday by having a Quinceanera; they celebrated daughter’s birthday differently from other countries. While in countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central, and South America are the only ones who celebrate their daughter’s…show more content…

It can range from a fairytale princess, Cinderella, fairies and butterflies to precious moments in her life. And the third step is having a waltz. In most countries they have traditional customs were the quinceanera dances the first dance with her father. While dancing they play favorite quinceanera songs which are De Niña a Mujer (From Child to Woman) and La Ultima Muñeca (The Last Doll). It’s a special moment in time when the father and daughter are dancing. And the last step in having accessories for quinceanera includes dresses, tiaras, guest book, photo albums, champagne glasses, dolls, bibles, decorations and planning. In most countries in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central, and South America it’s a traditional and custom that their godparents and their parents pay for everything for her quinceanera on her fifteenth birthday. After cousin Christian finished explaining to me, she continued walking down the hall to begin to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. I told myself to never forget the first quinceanera I attended, and what she told me. Throughout the years since, I have attended to many quinceaneries. The one that stands out the most in my mind is my Cousin Christian’s quinceanera. The moment she told me what where steps in having a quinceanera was the moment that I will never forget. Thanks to her, I ready know what quinceanera is and what does it stand for. Most countries need to celebrate their daughter’s fifteen birthday by having quinceanera because

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All birthdays are special. Birthdays celebrate life and the passing of time. In a young Mexican girl life, there is no birthday more important then her quinceañera. The quinceañera is a celebration of a girl’s journey into womanhood. The story of my fifteenth birthday is contributed for a better understanding of how special it is to celebrate a girl’s transformation into a lady, and how it differs from any other birthday she celebrates. A quinceañera receives a gorgeous gift from a family member on her fifteenth birthday, something that she will carry with her forever. In this cultural celebration for our family, it is very important for the father to give his daughter a special jewelry that resembles his love for her on her…show more content…

It is commonly given to the quinceañera in front of her main friends and family, so it would heighten the importance of getting the gift. My father made sure that my grandparents attended, because he knew important they are to me. My quinceañera is the only birthday in which my grandparents were in attendance. They are very old and may not be able to see them for another birthday of mine. The trip is long and tedious, which is difficult on a weakened body, so having them there at my quince was the greatest memento. All the people who attend to the quince are not likely to attend again to another birthday, which is why they specify this celebration into the most significant moment in a young Mexican girl life. Most people, especially girls shop for an outstanding birthday outfit to wear. No other wardrobe can relate to what you wear for your quinceañera. It is the only birthday where a Mexican girl could actually feel like a princess. She wears a beautiful crown covered in rhinestones that essentials her up do with a gorgeous scepter that contributes to the tiara. Her dress is what makes her the starlight of the night. It is big and puffy as a “Cinderella dress” embracing her figure. There is not another birthday that it is usual for a girl to wear what a quinceanera wears, and that is what makes the night distinctive from any another birthday.
During a normal birthday celebration you would

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