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Fred Nahas · January 25, 2018
I had an issue with an online order where the shipping calculated incorrectly. I contacted customer service and and the representative Dan made sure my order was cancelled and explained to me that the...y were having issues with the shipping calculating on online orders. Very professional and courteous. Thanks!See More
Michael Cofer · February 26, 2018
I've know Wes for long time since the little store in the strip mall up the streetand seminars in the basement with many famous drummers. Great prices, great service, great people. We drummers are a r...are breed this is the place to go to. Thanks Wes.

Cofer aka MouseSee More
McQuiston Bowes · January 28, 2018
My go to stop for anything drums! Super friendly staff and killer selection. Picked up a C&C PD1 a couple weeks back and it couldn’t have been a better experience.
Bill Fields · August 17, 2017
Have known Wes for years! It's always a pleasure to do business with him and the other drummers in the shop. They are pros. If you have any percussion needs Explorers is the only place to go!!!!
Kristoffer C. Ivey · July 11, 2017
Amazing service! The people that work here know their stuff! You're not just talking to sales reps, but to drummers who have a great understanding of their craft! I definitely recommend going here if ...you're ever in KC. 5 out of 5 in my book.See More
Justin Duane Brooks · September 27, 2015
Explorers is a independently owned, amazing drum shop. Super knowledgeable staff and a great selection of products from entry level school band equipment to the highest end drums you can find.

I'm pr...oud that Kansas City has an amazing shop like this. The owner Wes is a super good guy and has a relationship with seemingly every drummer you might want to meet. And Wes makes that happen too, hosting drum clinics by various drummers several times a year.

You just don't see locally owned, drum dedicated shops very often. We are just lucky that we have Explorers, the drum/music community is better because of it.See More
Travis O'Hara · February 13, 2017
Great experience! Was amazed with the quality selection and prices that match the best online deals. The staff are phenomenal. Knowledgable, fun, friendly and helpful. We picked up a Tama Imperialstar... for my son (and me) on Saturday. We'll be back on the regular for their very affordable drum lessons.See More
Devin Ellington · October 12, 2016
Went in yesterday for some new heads for my drums and was greeted friendly, casually and cordially.
I was shown around to the place and all of my questions were answered. Towards the end Wes made sur...e to try and find some spurs for my kit that no longer has parts made for it.
Thanks again for the great experience!See More
Keith Harold · February 1, 2018
I've been a happy customer for decades. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful wether you are an expert or a beginner.
Taylor Mead · December 27, 2014
By far the drum shop in Kansas City. Second only to buying directly from the manufacturer. Such great people, Wes and his wife are so nice. If they don't have something in stock, they're always happy ...to order it for you. They bring in amazing drummers for clinics (Terry Bozzio, Jp Bouvet, Mike Johnston, Matt Halpern, and Chris Adler to name a few). Cheaper than other shops in the city, and they simply won't screw you. I LOVE Explorers.See More
Michael Key · February 20, 2017
I was looking for a new set of Cymbals and i stumbled across Explorers Percussion. I decided to give them a cal and their staff and owner, Wes, was super fantastic in answering ALL my questions. I mea...n there customer service was awesome. I received my new cymbal set just in time with a new case and it was awesome! I would recommend because of there professional customer service and there awesome prices!See More
Todd Remmy · June 17, 2017
A treasure that is a must visit if you're in KC.Great selection.Wes is a very good guy... I had a ball while I was there.
Adam Hagerman · October 7, 2015
A first class drum shop all the way! One of the few left in the country, that have survived the big box store invasion... great selection, fair prices.. Good selection of used gear as well as all late...st & greatest.. HIGHLY recommended!See More
Jonathan Coleman · January 6, 2017
Excellent people, excellent selection, friendly, knowledgeable, and can ship all over!! @[751480584924502:UnMasked] now has their forever percussion store!!! - and we will be telling all our friends!... You guys rock!See More
Jim Wagy · September 15, 2016
The Midwest is lucky to have this joint here in Kansas City! They carry all the major brands and a great selection of educational material!
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