Merchandise Planner Cover Letter

Merchandise Planner Cover Letter

A merchandise planner is a skilled individual who plans the types of products, which have to be stocked in a retail organization and performs the execution of these plans. A cover letter for a merchandise planner must present the candidate's professional qualities and state his/her intent to apply for the job in a way which will attract the hiring manager's attention.

Merchandise planners perform extensive research on marketing trends in order to determine, which range of products is in demand. They use various computer tools for this purpose and analyze the future trends on the basis of forecast data for product sales. They may have to take important decisions regarding stocking of merchandise and hence must possess good analytical and decision making skills. Merchandise planners have to often liaise with wholesale dealers and production plant executives in order to gain access to a variety of merchandise whenever needed.

A merchandise planner's cover letter must impress the hiring manager and make him/her take notice of your profile. The presentation of the letter is almost as important as the content itself. Given below are a few guidelines which will help you in writing your own cover letter.

Guidelines on writing a Merchandise Planner cover letter

  • Use professional language throughout the letter. Avoid using flowery words, which might grab the reader's attention away from the actual content.
  • Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the letter. A letter with typographical errors can present a negative image of you to the hiring manager.
  • The sender as well as receiver's details along with the current date on which the letter was written should be left aligned.
  • Mention how you got to know about the job opening and state your desire to work at that job position based on your experience and qualifications.
  • Write about your past job experience in the field along some job functions that you may have carried out.
  • State the documents that you have attached along with the cover letter and inform the hiring manager that you would be looking forward to an interview call. Thank the reader for their time and consideration.

Refer to the following sample merchandise planner cover letter in order to get a better understanding of how to write one.

Sample of Merchandise Planner Cover Letter

Elvis K. McFadden
2224 Stone Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Phone: 610-340-3794
Email ID:

January 04, 2012

Leslie P. Petit
Human Resources Manager
Jacksons Retailers Pvt. Ltd.
2466 Florence Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Ref: Job Code MP1032

Dear Mr. Petit,

I am writing this letter in reference to you printed advertisement in the Jan 4, 2012 edition of USA Today daily newspaper regarding the job opening for the position of a merchandise planner at your organization. Based on my qualifications and seven years of experience in the field, I would like to apply for this position.

As fulfillment of my duties as a merchandise planner with my previous organization, I have performed in an excellent manner with regards to rigorous merchandise planning on the basis of extensive research. I possess strategic planning and business development skills, which have helped me in building my career in this field. My diligent work resulted in a significant increase in sales as well as customer satisfaction for my previous organization. I have enclosed my resume along with this letter and it will give you in-depth information about my professional experience and job skills.

I would love to get the opportunity to discuss my profile with you in person. My contact details are provided above; please feel free to get back to me if you have any queries. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Elvis K. McFadden



As can be seen in the above sample, a cover letter for a merchandise planner must contain relevant information about your work as a merchandise planner and should convey your desire to work with the organization.

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Dear Mr. Springfield

I write this letter in reference to the online classified ad you placed for a Merchandise Planner. With six years of operating as such I have everything you need to fulfill the requirements for this position. I am thoroughly comfortable with the processes and research for merchandise planning. I am enclosing my resume with this letter. It will give you an idea about how I see myself in the position.

Team leadership business development marketing strategies these are all talents I have leveraged to analyse business and operational functions to drive growth. By implementing the most effective solutions my current employer is seeing timely savings at an average of $2.4 million per quarter. By evaluating in-season sales profitability alongside inventory and financial performance I led a team that increased quarterly profits by $9 million more than the proposed plan. As the merchandise planner I also initiated seasonal financial plans that increased quarter profitability by 1.8 percent and ROI from 0.18 to 0.25. And this was during a turbulent economy.

I would love to show you in detail how I accomplished these tasks and more. I can answers any questions you have and learn more about the position of Merchandise Planner. Let’s set up an interview at your convenience.

Best Regards

Janice Topanga

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