Dealfind 1-888 Junk Van Case Study


10113 - 131 Street
Surrey, BCV3T 3P5
(888) 586-5826

Always sucks to read bad reviews RIGHT after you've hit the "purchase" button for one of these deals, but c'est la vie! Well, I for one, was pleasantly surprised. The booking process was extremely easy, the customer service reps were very helpful. And yeah, they asked for the credit card # upfront, but so do a lot of places! I've never been to a mechanic, contracted movers or hired a cleaning service that didn't ask for some sort of credit card collateral first and foremost. The rep asked me ahead of time if I was using a voucher, and took the details no problem. I laughed and said I was glad she asked. She then went on to say that they have had complaints from people NOT informing them when booking that they had the dealfind, and this had caused previous issues as it needs to be inputted in the system prior to pick up so that the billing is done correctly. She walked me through the additional bits for using the dealfind and informed me thoroughly about mattress/dry wall pick up. After my phone call I felt slightly better. The only thing that lost a star for me was the scheduling. I was quoted a pick up between noon-5pm on a Sat, which worked surprisingly well for my plans of nothingness this past weekend. I was a tad annoyed when the driver called me at 830 to inform me that they had a cancellation and would be arriving at 9am. I just wanted to sleep IN! Workers were friendly, efficient and were in/out in under 20 minutes. Before they picked up a single item, I was walked through the billing process. Everything that I was told both IN person and ON the phone were outlined on the bill I had to agree to and sign BEFORE they touched anything. They outlined all the billing/removal charges again and what I would see emailed to me on an invoice later in the day. THIS is the part that made me a little nervous, but off they went. Plus, if they billed me a ridiculous amount, I would be on the phone so fast with my credit card company refusing the charges that it would make their heads spin. Fast forward to Saturday evening, my invoice comes. I gingerly opened the email on my phone... I was pleasantly surprised again! The weight ticket looked correct (77lbs worth of junk) custom notes from the driver, everything was billed properly and all I paid for after the fact was the tax. So, either their processes have improved 100 fold since December or, some other yelpers just had bad luck. Ether way, if another opportunity comes to grab a coupon for 1-888-junkvan I would buy it in a heart beat!

I also fell for the Groupon ad. These losers showed up - caused damage when they dragged my couch out and dragged it down the from steps of my apartment. They then overcharged us $250. I made several calls to the number and never, ever got a response. I also sent emails and never heard back. Basically this company is run by a criminal and a bunch of thugs. Just read the rest of the reviews if you don't want to believe one person - there are dozens. All the same story. Avoid this company at any cost.

DO NOT BUY THE GROUPON. Scammers. Also saw the ctv Linda Steele review which really shows how much these people scam people. They weighed the junk (under 250 lbs ) before the driver showed up. The driver told the producer the junk weighed 700 lbs which was so almost 3 times the actual weight. Criminals. DO NOT GIVE THESE SCAMMERS ANY OF YOUR MONEY. If I could give them zero stars, I totally would.

I guess I should have read these reviews first but I bought a groupon so that I could get my box spring taken away. When I booked my appointment I said I had a box spring and possibly some other items for pick up. I was told mattresses would be an extra charge but at no time did anyone tell me about box springs...until they arrived. The only reason I got the groupon was to haul off my box spring. In the end they came and I gave them a dresser that I could have sold but figured since they were coming for my box spring I may as well. Basically I spent $35 plus the $5 tax to haul away a good dresser and now I still have a box spring to deal with. They also didn't use a dolly for the dresser and it sounded like there was a fair bit of banging in the hall. They also called and said they would be here in 20-30 minutes but arrived more like an hour later. I also can't believe that they tell you to be home from 8am-5pm and expect a 30 minute heads up. I was lucky that they were here at noon I guess. Anyways what a waste of time and money. I was told it would cost $150 to take the box spring away (it is a queen box spring in two pieces) and on the city of Vancouver dump website it says the fee is $15, that seems like an excessive charge.

I would give this company even less stars if there was an option. They are the biggest bunch of scammers in the business and I now understand why they're always advertising on Deal Finders. I bought a $29 Groupon for 250 pounds of junk removal from Junk-Van. After having had the Groupon for a few months, I was moving and so called 2 weeks in advance to book for them to come remove stuff at my old apartment. When these guys show up on the Sunday morning the first thing the guy says is that his scale is broken and so he's going to eyeball how much stuff I have. Red flag red flag! He looks at the pile I have (I took pictures and can include them for anyone who asks) and quoted me at 800 pounds. I said no way I'm not going to have you eyeball how much stuff I have, you're supposed to weight it. He starts freaking out and says well he's leaving he can't do this it's not his fault his scale is broken, etc... and I till him this is a horrible way to do business especially since I have to be out of my place that day. He then decides to barter with me on the price and if it wasn't for the fact that I had to be out, I would have called someone else. I ended up paying $120 on top of the $29 Groupon. He kept giving some sob story about how he works 7 days a week and works 10 hours a day but then five minutes later starts talking about how much money he's racking in doing this. Even worse, when they were moving they smashed up a picture my roommate had hanging and just hid it behind to open front entrance hoping I wouldn't see it until they left, which is exactly what happened. And the two other helper guys tracked mud throughout the apartment. Do not ever use 1-800-Junk-Van no matter how good a deal it sounds like. Go with another reputable company like 1-800-Got-Junk or anyone else.

their service is terrible! I have left voice message by phone over 5 times and never get call back to confirm reservation. also booked appointment online and no response! I purchased this deal through dealfind website and they refused to issue refund. "We are sorry to hear that you were unable to redeem your voucher as the merchant has closed or ceased to honor vouchers. As per our refund policy, we are unable to issue a refund or credit for your voucher(s), as they were purchased over one year ago." whoever left good review, please call them and ask them to reply to customers!

Never use this company ! They have unethical business practices and are cheaters. They have an F rating from better business bureau and have several unanswered complains. I bought a coupon of $25 for $250 lbs of junk from living social. This is my first time getting rid of junk. I trusted this company when they said I had 900 lbs of junk. So, end up paying $300. It was a lie! My neighbours and friends who helped me out said the max amount of junk I had was about 300-350 lbs and that I had been ripped off. I tried to call the company back to figure out why I was charged so much and they never called me back. Best decision you will ever make is never use this company ! Tips for future junk removal Always watch them weigh the junk Make sure they have a scale on the truck before they come If you are not sure the weight of something there is always google

Ok, so I know better than to not review first. I got the elusive $35 for 250 lbs of junk removal. When I called to book, they had said if it was over 250 lbs they would charge .31/lb. I had a couch and a hid-a-bed to remove. They told me that if there was a mattress in the hid-a-bed it would be an additional $100, so we took the mattress out. I told them several times that I didn't want to go over 250lbs, thinking they would tell me when we got to that amount, WRONG. The stuff was loaded into the truck, by very pleasant men. The man in charge told me that it was 314, I thought 314 lbs. Sounds good. I said sure that would be about $35 then, no problem. He said no $314 dollars because the weight was 1100lbs! I told him that we didn't have that kind of money and that I told them not to go over 250lbs because we didn't have the money for that. My husband told him to take the stuff out of the truck because it was to much. He refused saying that he can't take it out because the job has already been done. He eventually agreed to take the hid-a-bed out, which was the heavier of the couches. He then said it would now be $144 plus taxes. For the one couch that my husband could pick up with one hand! We again told him we can't afford that because we are moving tomorrow and have budgeted what we need to do that. He then proceeded to tell us that he has a truck and could do the move for about half the price we were paying U-Haul. Really? Trying to get us to go into another business endeavour with him while he is ripping us off. We tried to give him the credit card, but he told us cash or debit only. Feeling we had no choice we gave him the debit card :( By my calculations if we divide $144 by .31/lb the couch would have weighed 714lbs! Wow my husband is strong :) We tried to contact the company from our phone with no answer, I left a message. Then I called with my roommates phone and they answered. She told me she was going to advise the supervisor right away, and they would get back to me. I am not holding my breath. Not being one to back down I have also called the coupon company to tell them about this scam, they noted that over the last few years they have noticed a spike in complaints, and think maybe the company is under new ownership. As I have been reviewing today I noticed all the wonderful Yelp reviews and the BBB complaints across Canada. I mentioned that I am not one to back down.... I may have also contacted Global BC, to inform of this scam. I advised them of what happened to me, and told them about all your amazing reviews. They thought there might be something there, and they are currently looking into it! I may not get my money back, but I sure hope that this will hit the news and they will lose a lot more than $160 dollars.

I remember when the dude (owner) implicated in the news article came in his ugly beat up yellow 888 Junk truck. However, my Groupon was for 1-800 Got Junk. So the two companies are the same, I guess. I only had one large item to take away and I already knew the weight. The dude was fair and didn't over charge me. This was a while ago. However, in general, I don't trust Groupon any more and these Junk companies either. I was planning to use them again, but after CTV ran the story, I won't.

Update: After a few weeks and a few phone calls back and forth, the charges were corrected. I have taken myself off of the Deal Find mail list and I will never use 1-888-JUNK-VAN again. It's tragic when a business decides to take advantage of folks through sites like Deal Find, but these guys are doing exactly that. We bought the same Deal Find as a previous poster and had the same experience. We knew that our load was just under 300 lbs and we were dismayed to be billed for 500. 1-888-junk-van is not registered with the BBB, and yet they have a history of complaints across Canada. Buyer beware. Update again: Linda Steele did an expose on this guy last week (Oct/'14) and he charged her for 600lbs on a load that was 238lbs. As a result I the expose he called her back to say he is switching to a half-load/full-load system for charging.

Very happy with their service. They were very friendly, fast and efficient. I highly recommend. We will definitely call them again in future. Thanks 1-888-Junk- Van :)

Bad experience with this company. I bought a Living Social coupon for 250 lbs of junk removal. I called and made an appointment and the woman let me know they would be at my house between 9am-noon and that I would receive a 30 minute courtesy call. At 11:45 am I still did not receive a 30 minute courtesy call which got me worried. I called the main line and left a voice mail asking if someone was still coming. I had to leave for work, after waiting around for the morning for them to arrive. While at work, I received a call 2 hours later letting me know that they could still come by if I wanted them to. I told the guy I had an appointment between 9 am- noon and now he was calling me at 2 pm??!! If I had received some sort of call from the company letting me know they were not coming during their appointment time I would have been less frustrated. I asked him if they company had any customer service at all?! He just commented that "when they get to a job they have no idea how long it will take them". - Then pick up a phone and let the rest of your customers know this, so they do not waste their time waiting. He was not helpful at all, and did not seem to care that their company has no customer service. I called Living Social and cancelled my coupon. Do not use this company, they are not reliable. After reading the rest of the reviews, I'm almost thankful I did not have to deal with them in person.

OCT 14/2014 this scam artist was on CTV 'Steele on.your side' ohhhhh Karma is a wonderful thing!

Rip off artist. Did the groupon thing for $35 250lbs. They came by to take a couple of old couches. Yes it did rain a bit so the couches got partially wet. They said it'd cost another $124 which means the total weight they estimate is almost 700lbs. I told them to forget it. FYI even if your under 250 lbs they'll say you are slightly over and request your credit card. Beware.

My sister bought a voucher for this company through Dealfind. When she called to book the service, the customer agent asked my sister for credit card number so that they could charge any extra costs. She did not tell my sister about the extra mattress removal costs. (Big flag when they ask you for your credit card number upfront). They were late picking up (well over an hour) and also they charged her extra for mattress removal. After removal of junk, my sister asked the guys how much it was going to cost, they told her they would have to take it back and weight it. What??? My sister nervously waited for her credit card statement to see how much they would charge her. No where on their website or on the deal condition say that they charge extra $25.00 for mattress removal. When I called the company to complain on behalf of my sister, they told me they were going to refund that money saying they didn't know there would be an extra cost in Vancouver. That was in September. Still no refund. We called back and they said they had just approved the refund (this was in October) and my sister hasn't gotten her money back. They do not go through on what they promised and they falsely advertise. And if they had accurately disclosed all the charges, I wouldn't be writing this review. I have since then, cancelled my emails from Dealfind as well. If they are promoting a company like this, who knows what other fraudulent companies they are promoting. When I addressed this on Dealfind website (they had another promotion for this Junk Removal company) the administrator deleted my comments and emailed me to ask that I do not put up comment like that. I emailed her back and told her what had happened and no response from her. So obviously, they are shady as well. And on this deal, the company didn't disclose the extra fees this time either after I had pointed it when I called them in September. I would give it minus stars if I could for both of these companies. If you need to remove junk, call1800gotjunk. At least they tell you on site, how much it is going to cost you.

We were very happy with the service! They showed up on time as promised, took everything we wanted out, and we're very professional and courteous! They did explain the Groupon promotion and told us the costs of removing everything upfront which we appreciated. At the end of the day we saved money and got rid of the clutter! We will definitely recommend this company to our friends and family!

The company responded to my BBB complaint. Effectively they will change nothing, no apology, and no remedy. The weight ticket they finally sent over was for much later in the day than my pickup. The company stated that they separate the pickups within the truck and then do separate weigh ins all at once in the evening. However, I believe they are putting everyone's junk together and then overcharging customers for the total, giving everyone the same weight ticket.

If I could put no stars I would, it was absolutely the worse experience I have had with a company. A complete scam if you ask me, I will never deal with this company again or recommend them. First of all, how do you know how much they are taking away if they add your junk to a pile of junk they already have in their van and no scales to differentiate what is yours and what was already there before they leave your house. I called the company to book this junk removal. They got my phone number wrong, so they didn't come to the house when I expected them so I called them at a later time and found out they had the wrong number. Mistakes happen so no big deal but I was happy they could have someone come out that day. That's when the horror began. The owner/driver came out and I told him I wasn't going to be home but my parents will be. They took away a few household items, a mattress which you pay extra for and it counts as weight, a crib frame and a couple of car seats, they claimed I had close to 900lbs of stuff. The mattress is only about 100lbs and they claimed it was about 300lbs. He tried to call me but I was not available but he told my dad that I had so much stuff, it was better that we pay a flat rate. While he was standing in front of my dad, he lied and he said he was talking to me and I agreed to the flat rate. My dad wasn't comfortable paying it, but he felt pressured to or they would leave everything in the driveway and the driver was very hostile about it. They tried to put a payment through my credit card but they had issues with it, because I didn't expect them to put such a large about through. Anyways, my dad paid the whole amount in cash. I called the company about this the next day. They connected me to the owner of the lower mainland route, then it was one lie after another. I told him that I was using a groupon before he came and I confirmed things will be weighed and I would pay what was extra but he charged us a flat rate and didn't use the 250lbs from the groupon. I asked him how much it actually weighed when he disposed of it so I knew what the actual numbers were, he said since I paid flat rate he didn't weigh it. So how did he know it was close to 900lbs? So after a heated discussion with the owner, he agreed to return $29 which wasn't even close to the $62 extra 200lbs @ .31 he claimed my mattress was but we don't really know cause again he never weighed any of it. He claimed it was the best he could do, so I accepted cause I don't like conflict. The driver claimed he came with 3 people doing 30+ mins of work but actually 2 people came and did 10 mins of work. After all this, the company called me to say they wanted to offer me another 250lbs for free to show me the work they do. I had to decline, I never want to do business with them again even if it's free. I want to share my experience because I didn't think it was right that a company would take advantage of their customers and continue this cycle by getting new customers with their sales through groupon and living social. Hopefully you don't get ripped off by this company. The kicker in all this is they credited me even less than the $29 they agreed to. I have bought many group deals and have never had issues with any of them. It's too bad there are bad apples out there.

Don't use these guys. I bought the Deal Find before reading the reviews and now I'm sorry I didn't do a search before buying. $35 for 250 lbs of pick up. So the setup for pickup was easy and pain free. Then when the day came for pickup, it was downhill from there. I had about 350 lbs for pickup, so was glad to pay a bit more to get it all removed cause of the great deal of $35. Right from the start, he says it's going to be just these things, which in my eyes and I'm sure anyone else who has picked up a weight before knows is about 100 lbs. I told him I can pick up these stuff by myself, he said he is 300 lbs. Then I went to the back of the truck to make sure there isn't anything in the back so that I wouldnt be charge for stuff that isn't mine. Sure enough there was a kitchen sink and counter top. When I questioned him, he said we can take all the stuff off the truck and you can get a refund on your groupon.........Nice Customer Service. So after this experience I made it a point to sign up for whatever site and give a review. Now I fear the bill they will send for my 100 lbs of garbage.

Don't use them! Was told when booking that there will be a weight scale on the truck so as to confirm the actual weight being removed. This was even a pointed stressed by the operator on the phone. But when the truck came, driver and owner claimed that they is no scale and basically eye-balled the weight. Quoted me a HUGE amount and then reduced it when I said that's just impossible. I used them in the end just because I just wanted the stuff gone but would never do business with them again. Shady! And making a bad name for the francis and the business in general.

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