Planning And Threat Assessment Essay

P4 - Plan a Risk Assessment for a Selected Administrative Work Environment.

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I will plan a risk assessment for a selected administrative work environment.
Risk assessment is used in protecting workers and organisations like Tesco, to help them comply with the law of the state. It helps business owners to focus on the risks that really matter in the workplace; with ones that could cause potential harm. It is important to manage risks to ensure the most valuable asset is protected.
There is no specific format in which a risk assessment has to be done in a workplace because it depends on the organisation itself. Most businesses use generic risk assessment that is applicable to all risks. They might use ones for specific risks, such as fire management, or they might use one–off risk assessments.…show more content…

Types of hazards Common hazards in the workplace physical heat, cold, sharp objects, heavy or bulky loads, spills, slips, trips, falls, noise, broken glass, poor lighting, slippery surfaces, steam biological infectious diseases, food contamination chemical cleaning chemicals, pest control chemicals, oil, gas, dust, fumes mechanical/ electrical electrical appliances, slicers, grinders psychological stress, fatigue, personal security, cash handling and financial responsibility, aggressive and angry customers
They can reduce the risk of harm to themselves and others by:
 eliminating the hazard altogether
 replacing the hazard with a safer option
 repairing the hazard (if it is faulty, unclean or unsafe)
 adapting work tasks to make it safer when dealing with the hazard
 using protective equipment such as guards, signs, gloves
 Training all staff in safe work practices.
Example of a risk assessment in an office based business
Setting the scene
In an office based business industry, the office manager carries out the risk assessment in the organisation. It usually provides management and financial consultancy services, and which leases two storeys of a ten-storey office block.
Usually eighteen staff works in this organisation, one is a wheelchair user. The offices usually contain typical office furniture and equipment. There is usually a staff kitchen, where drinks can be prepared and food

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Planning and Threat Assessment Paper

Planning and Threat Assessment Paper

In the given case the principal under threat and vulnerable witnesses in the proceedings is undertaken by the Court. The threat assessment investigates the probability of the threat being carried out. Once a potential threat has been considered and glimpsed as serious, prevention and mitigation steps are carried out. The context of threat is very significant when interpreting risks. The Principle is confined to a wheelchair and needs an attendance by a nurse due to respiratory and other medical conditions. The principle is an exceedingly high-profile white supremacist that is outspoken and controversial. The principle has been scheduled to emerge in court in his home town Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, as a defendant to answer charges engaging murder and violation of civil rights. As the local police are not providing any proper protection. (Cameron, 1999) The security at the principal's estate has been increased because of threats on his life, but the principal likes to speak his mind to every individual, encompassing and particularly the press. He designs to make an impressive entry to court and wants to meet with the press and others on the courthouse steps.

Being the head of security detail of eight individuals, planning should be dynamic and contextual since the strategy will not fit all the threats that may concern a principle's detail, planning must imagine with the context. I have planned the expedition from principal's home and back again after the day in court as well as security for the principal's estate on the beach. Because, the principle under threat is a witness whose personal security from home and back again after the day in court or the security of his family is endangered through his participation in the proceedings, as a result of threats, intimidation or similar actions pertaining to his testimony. (Hall, 2003) The planning also needs continuous evaluation of likelihood of occurrence and effect of prevention and mitigation of the effects and of changing context. The principle protection encompasses many different considerations and threat assessments that are completely unrelated to the physical condition, personal reputation and character of the protectee, as well as very specific threats particular to the principle. Idiosyncratic issues may include the physical condition and ambulatory abilities of the protectee, medical conditions, political affiliation, and public reputation. Likewise, personal protection plans may also have to take into account the ability or willingness of protectees to follow directions and cooperate with protection agents (Hall, 2003).

When planning the detail of security for the principal, it is imperative to identify the threat at hand. My principal is a white supremacist and has many enemies. He cannot defend himself when confronted with a threat since is confined to a wheelchair 24 hours a day. His security detail must also be inclusive of a nurse who may not know how to handle precarious situations and may be under threat herself. She must be protected from harm at all cost because the principal is ...

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