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Snow Storm Baby

The year was 1992; a cold December arctic wind had brought a chance of snow to the area. It was the weekend and time to relax after a long hard week at work. The weather service had predicted several inches of snow to blanket the region by the next day. Not to worry: it was the weekend and traveling was not a necessity.

At the time, my wife Jeanne was pregnant with our soon-to-be daughter Tahlyn. We had waited eight long months for her to arrive, and finally her due date was getting closer and closer. The excitement grew stronger as the days went by.

By Friday afternoon it had begun to snow and quickly several inches had accumulated. As the snow was falling, clean up quickly began. The neighborhood soon…show more content…

The Christmas season was just two weeks away, and I really didn’t mind the snow. I’ve always enjoyed a white Christmas because it sets the mood for the holiday season. By this time I was getting cold and tired from the never ending shoveling, so I decided man against the weather just wasn’t working. I would finish the clean up after it stopped snowing. So I headed back to the house to dry out and have some hot chocolate to take the chill off and settle in for the night.

My wife, who was now nine months pregnant, began experiencing labor pains. We would surely be making a trip to the hospital in the middle of the night. That’s when my greatest fear set in. Like a child peering from a window, looking for old Saint Nick on Christmas Eve, I too found myself with my face pressed against the glass scouring the landscape in hopes it would all melt within the next ten minutes. But, in fact eight more inches of snow had fallen in that short period of time. What I had shoveled earlier was like nothing I would soon have to endure. I would have to move fast and get the job done if we were to make it to the hospital in time.

After checking on my wife and making sure she was comfortable, I proceeded to the task of snow removal 101. The snow, now up to my knees, seemed to go on forever. Periodically, I would check on my wife. Her labor pains were getting closer together and time was running out. Finally, the snow had been cleared, and I

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