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The College Essay

With each passing year, the genre of the College Acceptance Essay evolves due to the increasing competition among applicants. Each new generation of students looks to surpass the last class, analyzing essay samples and sculpting their own techniques. By figuring out what to do and what not to do, the genre transforms, leaving the bad ideas behind and absorbing the newest, most creative ideas.

Additionally, the College Essay itself has effectively created even more sub genres in itself by allowing students to think outside the box and stray away from the traditional paragraph writing style. The most prevalent essay types seem to be either a normally structured essay, or a creative outside the box essay.

The Purpose of the College Essay

As technology has advanced throughout the course of the development of academic institutions, the manners in which students have succeeded in achieving their goal of acceptance has also changed. Many will tell you, “Admission Boards get tired of weeding through thousands of boring essays every day, you need to do something to stand out!”. Though this is true now, how long did it take to get to this point? There had to have been many groups of initial applicants in which the content of their essays mattered less than say their grammar or punctuation. But as the years went on, the genre itself eroded into, “Who has the most interesting and original content?”.

It is a wonder to delve into the Theory of Genre, yet amazing how complex certain topics can be given we give them the time of day.

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Most students applying to selective schools write seven or more completely unique essays during the application phase. Writing effective personal essays takes time and effort. Ideally, the summer following your junior year is when you should start working on your college applications and essays.

Elizabeth LaScala teaches you how to write thoughtful, well-constructed essays that highlight your unique personality and special experiences. Students get an early start learning what colleges look for in application essays and writing their central essays, and they receive personalized guidance in fleshing out additional topics and themes drawn from their own experiences that will help them develop strong responses to many unique supplemental questions colleges ask.

Elizabeth’s clients benefit from participation in a small group workshop during the summer. For non-local or international students who are not available for planned summer workshops, Doing College can arrange one-on-one sessions online.

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